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nutrition/supliment questions iron/protien/flax-fish/chicken

3:08 am, October 26, 2014 Had a couple different questions i was wondering about lately. (Lets see if i remember them all; now that im asking about them) First is iron in multivitamins. I was looking a them in the store yester [..] View

Cutting with 500 calorie deficit

3:08 am, October 26, 2014 Hey guys, Currently I'm cutting and watching what I eat as I've started to get a slight belly and I want my 6pack back! I'm 5ft10 and weigh 74kg. I'm aiming for 2000 calories a day, which should put m [..] View

Loose Fat/Maintain muscle ?

3:08 am, October 26, 2014 Hey everyone Ive been using many calculators and formulas to figure out my recommended calorie intake aswell as the STICKY formulas on this forum IIFYM calculator Free dieting calculator Scoobys c [..] View

Help!!!!Well it's been a while!!!!!

3:08 am, October 26, 2014 After a couple of years of road cycling and being focused on being a skinny mammal I've decided to get pumping iron again to get a more muscular physique again. I used to lift many years ago so I kno [..] View

Diet Goals Confusion

3:08 am, October 26, 2014 Right now im doing a cutting session on All pro`s beginner + HIIT cardio on off days I am 89.8 kg (196.2lbs) , 20 % BF , i calculated my bf using US Navy Calculator / YMCA formula and by looking at pi [..] View

How do I go about pre-workout drinks/shakes?

3:08 am, October 26, 2014 Hey guys, so I recently ordered a pre-workout supplement (Pre JYM) and was wondering what the best ingredients in shakes and whatnot. This will be my first time ever using a pre-workout supplement. [..] View

Total noob can't get rid of fat and i'm going INSANE! Please help!

3:08 am, October 26, 2014 Hey guys, so i've been a lurker for years and i finally decided to make an account and take action to start to change my life. I'm posting this in the Nutrition section because i've only changed my [..] View

Refeeds while Reverse Dieting?

3:08 am, October 26, 2014 Can't find any posts about it form the past few years online. I'm adding about 100 cal a week to get back to maitanance calories. the past few months I've been doing refeed days once a week where I [..] View

Mean plan Help

3:08 am, October 26, 2014 I'm a newbie who's trying to come up with a bulk meal plan, but need some guidance. I'm 5'6", 145lb, and 12%-14% body fat. My macros are 2,910 calories, 364 carbs, 97 fats, and 146 protein for a [..] View

Why are sweet potatoes supposedly better than white potatoes?

3:08 am, October 26, 2014 Does it have something to do with white is high on the GI table than sweet potatoes? I normally tell people potatoes are good for you but when you start adding butter, sour cream, bacon it starts to [..] View

Evidence that 1g per pound of protein actually works?

3:08 am, October 26, 2014 I'm looking for evidence (maybe photos?) that guys who are on 1g per pound of bodyweight in protein are actually getting big and ripped. I've looked around the internet and asked around and I'm just [..] View

Refrigerating grilled chicken breasts

3:08 am, October 26, 2014 So the butcher shop close to me besides selling great meat can also cook it for you, on the grill which is great because I don't have one home and would have to just boil it. I was thinking about buy [..] View

Food Face-0ff- No Expiration Date Delights

3:08 am, October 26, 2014 We are back. Today its those hostess and little debbie products we desire. * In order to vote all you need to do is reply quote to my posts and delete out all the text and options you aren't voting f [..] View

How is this possible?

3:08 am, October 26, 2014 Hey So I recently got my body fat % checked at my university's gym and I was measured at 9.7%. I've measured several times with the calipers and everytime it comes out below 9.7%. However I currently [..] View

After “naked and afraid”

3:08 pm, October 25, 2014 I have just watched a show where people are placed into a extreme survival situation, having to survive 21 days without clothes in the wilderness with only 2 items of equipment ( [..] View

PWO Hiit

3:08 pm, October 25, 2014 Hello guys, I am planning to start doing HIIT, probably 2x a week. I will be taking BCAA about 1g/kg before workout, the question is about the post workout phase. I am able to eat very shortly after [..] View

Recommended caloric intake differs greatly?!

3:08 pm, October 25, 2014 Hey guys! I'm a 17 year old male weighing ~68 kilograms (145 pounds) and I am around 182cm (6') tall. I'm bulking at the moment; my bf% is probably around 15%. Many calorie calculators tell me that I [..] View

Week of Powerlifting Meet Nutrition

3:08 pm, October 25, 2014 In 3 weeks is my first powerlifting meet. I've been bulking on 2400 calories per day gaining around .5lbs a week. The week leading up to the meet I'm taking the whole week off, throwing in just 3 30 m [..] View

rice confusion

3:08 pm, October 25, 2014 I was searching for nutrition value in brown rice. It says There are 44.77g carbs in 1 cup of cooked Brown Rice. What i am not getting is, is this value for cooked brown rice in a cup, or is it the nu [..] View

Why drink whey protein when you can drink milk powder?

3:08 pm, October 25, 2014 Milk powder is much cheaper than whey protein and you know exactly what's in it. I know milk powder is full of sugar but the only time you should be drinking a protein shake is after a workout and you [..] View

Question about eating before bed

3:08 pm, October 25, 2014 Hi there, new here. I've recently got back into working out and was just wanting to ask a quick question I hope one of you can help with. My body type I'd say ATM is skinny-fat. I work constant night [..] View

Raw vs. Cooked Fat Macros

3:08 pm, October 25, 2014 The label states "Nutrition information is based on a 4 oz. raw and a 3 oz. roasted portion after roasting to 170 degrees F internal temperature." Raw: 240 calories and 18 g of fat Cooked: [..] View

What's wrong with my body? (cutting questions)

3:08 pm, October 25, 2014 Hey everybody. Excuse me, English is not my first language. I used to be a proffesional dancer and very active. After a knee injury I had to give it up for a long time. I got ''really'' fat over 1.5 [..] View

The BEST Weight Gainer Shake

3:08 pm, October 25, 2014 Recipe: 1 Pint Whole Milk 100g Natural Peanut Butter 2 Scoops Whey Protein 1 Bannana 1 handful blueberries 2 cups oats Nutritional breakdown: Calories: 1500 Protein: 83g Carbs: 117g Fat 77g [..] View

Possible to gain 20lbs in 90 days? (Non-lean)

3:08 am, October 25, 2014 I'm looking to gain 20lbs in about 90 days and was looking for input on how feasible this actually is. First off, I'd like to make it clear I am not concerned with this being all lean mass gain; a dec [..] View


3:08 am, October 25, 2014 Here is a log from myfitnesspal I ate all of between 11:30 PM yesterday and 1 AM today (note that the caffeine pill was at 8 AM today). Why did I feel so hot during the night and have diarrhea? Do you [..] View

Problem with the right amount of protein and such

3:08 am, October 25, 2014 Dear everyone, I'm having some problems with eating the right amount of protein, at least mostly it's the protein. I live with my mom and sister and have a minimum wage job and still go to school, s [..] View

First 3 weeks of noob bulk - tweak or more time

3:08 am, October 25, 2014 Started my first bulk 3 weeks ago..... 168.5 lb stating weight 1 st week average cals per day 2,380 Weight 168.5 lb 2nd week average cals per day 2,510. weight 168 lb 3rd week average cals [..] View

How Do My Cutting Figures Look?

3:08 am, October 25, 2014 Start my cut next week and just wanted some reassurance that the numbers look ok? (Ive read the stickies so much I think I could rewrite them word for word) 5 ft 10 inches (178cm) 12 Stone (76kg) B [..] View

BULKED got FAT time for cutting SOON but need EXPERT HELP

3:08 am, October 25, 2014 Hi guys So basically I have been bulking over the last 6 weeks Weighed 68kg now weigh 72kg so gained 4kg over 6 weeks, 0.6lbs per week. Now I KNEW I was going to gain some fat because im taking cal [..] View

How much sugar per day can I eat to lose weight?

3:08 am, October 25, 2014 I got these meal replacer bars that I noticed had a lot of sugar in them. 26 grams. I know sugar keeps you from burning fat, so will these 26 grams screw me over? I'm trying to bulk up as well as lose [..] View

No Appetite, Ever!

3:08 am, October 25, 2014 Hey guys, does anybody know ways to increase appetite? I had intestinal issues 2 years ago and it destroyed my eating habits. My intestines are fine now but my eating habits never recovered! I rare [..] View

Brothers come help me

3:08 am, October 25, 2014 Ok so I've been cutting for about 2 weeks now on this diet: breakfast: 3 eggs and a tin of heinz baked beinz with one half and half bread protein/carbs/fat: 42/72/20 calories: 660 lunch: 8 oz chicken [..] View

Lost 4-6 pounds the first week into my cut. Am I going to lose muscle?

3:08 am, October 25, 2014 Hi! Last week on Thursday, I got back from my two week vacations in which I lost about 4 pounds (maybe because I stopped using creatine for all that period of time). I started my cut the same day I go [..] View

Help With IIFYM and Reverse Dieting

3:08 am, October 25, 2014 Hi there, looking for some advice. I've been doing a lot of research and reading lately and I want to reverse diet in an effort to increase my maintenance calories. Right now I'm maintaining on appro [..] View

Milk is healthy or not?

3:08 am, October 25, 2014 So I've read a lot of article and asked a few people, but it's like 50-50. No one said that I should or I shouldn't drink it. Most of the cons is like it's fast proceeded (what not) and we are the on [..] View

Eating at a Deficit But Gaining Muscle

3:08 pm, October 24, 2014 I have been eating at a 300 calorie deficit for two weeks. I get roughly 1.1 g/protein per pound of body weight. The fat and carb macros are not set and vary day to day. I have also been doing calisth [..] View


3:08 pm, October 24, 2014 Hello guys,before i lift i take some bananas for energy .. i am going to start cardio very soon.. and then lifting followed by cardio... will i need to take same bananas? or i will need to change the [..] View

Can't poop much

3:08 pm, October 24, 2014 Hello, I've started a new diet 5 days ago and I've noticed that I am not pooping much, it's like once every two days and even in that it's not much of it. I eat 5 - 6 times a day and every 3 hours~. [..] View

About my calorie intake.

3:08 pm, October 24, 2014 How does one eat so much without feeling sick. Honestly, I've had the following to eat today and I am stuffed. But that is barely into my "sustain weight" category according to my weight of [..] View

Droping sodium intake. should i do it fast or slow?

3:08 pm, October 24, 2014 Hello all! so, quick question. i've been counting calories but that's pretty much it, and as i dropped my caloric intake, i turned to really salty food like cold cut ham and stuff like that, and i've [..] View

cheat meal

3:08 pm, October 24, 2014 Ive planned a cheat meal for tonight after a big leg session. Im planning to have a medium pizza and a large cookie. But after ive eaten tht I will no doubt want to go get some donuts and buscuits and [..] View

Please estimate my calorie intake

3:08 pm, October 24, 2014 Hi, guys. I seem to be struggling finding out how many calories a day I actually eat. Each and every site for calorie calculating tells me different things. From 1700 to 2500 ( which is a big differen [..] View


3:08 pm, October 24, 2014 With over hundreds of clinical studies, Creatine is truly the poster child for the supplement industry. Bottom line, Creatine skyrockets your Strength, Power, Lean Muscle Gains, and Endurance, SAFELY, [..] View

Creatine FAQ: What is it, how does it work, and is it safe?

3:08 pm, October 24, 2014 Hey guys and gals this is my first article on here! I'll be contributing on here as often as time will allow. If you want to see more of my righting or reviews check out my website where this is als [..] View

Bulk or cut ?

3:08 am, October 24, 2014 I am 200 lb 184 cm male . My problem is i cant lose any ****ing weight : I've tried keto diet eating with below 25 g carbs and high fats I've tried carb cycling , I've tried a whole month of not eati [..] View

help out a youngster?

3:08 am, October 24, 2014 So this is my first post here on bodybuilding forums , and I just wanted to ask for some advice. I'm trying to start bodybuilding and I currently look like a walking stick, and I'm trying to bulk up t [..] View

Drank way too much lose of strength

3:08 am, October 24, 2014 Usually I don't drink at all this probably the 4th time this year, and ive been on a cut for 2 months. Past weekend was a special occasion and I went out of control don't remember anything for two da [..] View

What type of nutrition to gain lean muscle and lose fat at the same time?

3:08 am, October 24, 2014 Okay so my goal is to gain lean muscle and lose body fat at the same time, I'm at 5'6 and about 120 lbs. I only want lose about 7-10 lbs but I'm not sure if I should calorie surplus or calorie deficit [..] View

How do I stop eating TOO much?

3:08 am, October 24, 2014 Or should I just say f*ck it. I finally started back tracking nutrition, I set my goal for 2700 calories per day and I was FORCEFULLY eating that many a day. Doing things like eating extra pieces of c [..] View

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